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Q  : What type of businesses that allowed to be invested in PT. KBN (Persero)

A  :  Specific businesses export oriented commodities, the type of general economic industry, and type of supporting business, for all detail types of commodities can be accessed through


 :     If I were a foreign citizen, how do I invest in PT KBN

A   :     The tenant  should have the Foreign Capital Investment Permit from the Chairman of Capital Investment Coordination Board, The Embassy of Indonesia or The Consulate General abroad including other required documents


 :     After meeting the requirements, how long can I start running the business

A  :     For any types of business with Bonded Status, the permit recomendation started 2 days since the documents and the requirements completed and then continued with the permit process

   by The Directotare General of Customs and Excise, For general business (Non Bonded) started 14 days since the signing of the MoU and all the requirements fullfiled by the tenant


Q  :     How is the lease payment system in PT.Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Persero) 

A  :     There  are several options for the lease payment system .e.g : monthly, threemonthly, annually,  or other long term lease payment with the advanced payment


Q  :     Should I have my own waste management 

A  :     To any industry that received the Bonded Facilities should  fulfilled the permit of its own waste management as the requirements  of Princip Permit from the Capital Investment Coordination Board


Q   :     How to  extend the lease process when the contract is finnished

A   :     The leassing process can be extended when there was an agreement between the two parties and continued with the negotiation of tarif adjustment


Q  :       How to file a complaint in PT. KBN (Persero)

A  :      To file a complaint can be accessed through by downloading the  tenant’s complaint form at the tenant complaint’s voice column, with all complaints will be responded in 1 x 24 hours (Weekdays)